What I Love



In high school I was fairly active with football, rodeo and riding. As I got older I put on the weight and  weighed 257 pounds. I decided to make a change and at 50 I dropped the weight and a few years later became a personal trainer. I really wanted to learn and teach people how to change their bodies and life styles. This year I became a USAT coach. 



I decided a number of years ago to find out what muscles were affected during certain exercises which led me to becoming a ISSA certified trainer. I have other certifications for interval and marathon running. I love teaching proper running technique and form to make you better and hopefully run injury free. 

This year I also became a USAT Level I certified coach to help get you started in the sport of triathlons.


Strength & Endurance

Whether you are training for short distance triathlons, Ironman, Spartan OCR, or your first Marathon, strength is one of the key components. The bodies usage of fuel is another. When muscles are working efficiently and properly fueled we can produce the endurance needed. I work with all types of clients to achieve their own special goals.  

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